Сrazy Share Cloud Platform


We are open for collaboration with resellers from all over the world.
If you are professional reseller and want to make money with us you are very welcome to join our program!
There are just couple requirements - you should have own site and provide popular payment methods or methods that aren't represented on our site but are demanded in your country.

Ofcourse we will be happy to see resellers that have good reputation and work with other services for a long time.

Minimum deposit is ... for the first time and any amount for all further payments. We accept ... Your discount depends on your sales! Sale more and pay less!

To become reseller of Crazyshare just contact us!

Sales Discount
≥ $100 20%
≥ $500 22,5%
≥ $1000 25%
≥ $2500 27,5%
≥ $5000 30%
≥ $12500 32,5%
≥ $25000 35%
≥ $50000 37,5%